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The Academia B Digital Library gathers, keeps, and spreads information and studies related to B Corps and the movement for a new economy via open access publications in order to increase their visibility and impact.

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  • Martinez-Restrepo, Susana (Ventureneer, 2017-09-15)
    Hispanic people are the most diverse ethnic group in the U.S. It is crucial to understand how that diversity influences the challenges and opportunities Hispanic women face in starting and growing their businesses, yet few ...
  • Palazzi, Marcello (Sistema B, 2018-01)
    B Corps and Benefit Corporations at the tipping point 2017 marked the 10th Anniversary of a an entrepreneurial movement for shared global prosperity in which each and every Certified B Corp (B for Benefit) and each and ...
  • Viesca-Lobatón, Carlos; de La Seiglière, Alexia (Rinters -Red de inteligencia en sustentabilidad, 2017)
    B Corporations are the evolutionary frontline for the transition of the economy towards sustainability. These companies are trying the business models than can actually fix capitalism. From American war veterans and ...
  • Mancilla, Claudio (Academia B, 2017-05-04)
  • Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (Sistema B, 2017)
    Presentamos tres casos de innovación en empresas de clase mundial, dirigidos a empresarios de cualquier sector de la economía; estos muestran la experiencia de dos bancos con más de 100 años de existencia, Bancolombia ...

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